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so this is our second day in the rain forest and let me tell you, this is probably my favorite part of our entire trip. i forgot to mention that on our first day here, in order to get to our camp, we had to take a boat ride down the tambopata river, a tributary of the amazon and it is exaclty like national geographic. the river is all muddy, and brown with gorgeous lush vegetation all around the banks of it. we were on this boat for about an hour and a half before we got to our camp.

so this is our second day here and we woke up early, had a great breakfast with fruit and yogurt and then we started on our day hike. on this hike we saw some silver back monkeys, huge butterflies, caymen alligators, parrots and toucans. it was a great hike, not steep at all, but it rained earlier during the day, so it was humid and lush out. everything wss green and wet, so it was very pretty.

that hike lasted about 2 hrs and we returned to our lodge where we pretty much chilled and boozed and got ready to look for caymen alligators on a motorized canoe. when i first walked onto the canoe, i looked up and saw an amazing sight, one that i have never seen before. i saw about a billion stars out and they looked so close to grab it was amazing. as everyone was looking for the alligators, which we saw about 4 of them, i kept looking at the stars. it was so peaceful, it felt like that is all i wanted to do was sit in the canoe and look at the stars, it was mesmorizing.

that was our last adventure in the amazon last night and now we are in the lima, and im ready to do my next post.

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