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Catching up with family has kept us real busy.. Sunday was pretty much spent grocery shopping and visiting … We did make it home in time for me to make a good dinner this time…

We were on the road in the truck before nine on Monday to get to the other side of the cities…. It is 40 miles to our Drs. And I had a 10:00 appointment… He took a lot more blood and gave me another prescription for iron pills… We will wait for all of the lab work to come back to see if I need anything else… We got out of there just in time to go to our favorite pizza place for their noon buffet… Oh boy, was that good…. We think Sammy’s Pizza is the best in the whole world and they have a couple of shops in the Minneapolis area now but our favorite is still the one in Duluth…. Can’t wait to have some there when we go up this weekend….

I managed to get my hair cut at a mall on the way home while Bill checked out the places to get our eyes taken care of… Both of our glasses are getting old and we are having trouble seeing as well as the tint is almost gone from the transitional color that we have… Wow, what a shock…. This is the first time that we haven’t had insurance for glasses to at least cover part of the expense and it looks like it will be at least $1200.00 for us both to get new ones…. Guess that is what we will be using our money that George sent us… Thanks George…..

Tuesday we were on the go again early and drove to Willmar to see Bill’s Mom… We stopped for a few minutes at some new RV friends that were staying close to us at our lot in Florida to return a tool that another friend had borrowed and forgot to return… We will spend more time with them next week when we plan on bringing our house along for a few days.

Bill’s Mom was so happy to see him…. She is such a sweetheart and truly likes the nursing home where she stays… They love her too, you can just tell by how good they take care of her… We also got to the cemetery to put new flowers on his Dad’s grave… We will be going back next week but it will be after Memorial Day so we made a point of getting the flower this time…It has been almost 12 years since we lost his Dad but he is still missed….

We were able to make a quick stop on the way home at my old bosses house… They were right on our route and we haven’t seen them for two years…. The kids had grown up so much and they had a new baby girl to add to the two boys they already had eight months ago…. What a little doll and sooo sweet.. The little four year old didn’t remember us but six year old, Jack did…. The last year that I worked for them my office was in the basement of their home and Jack used to come down and visit me daily… We had such a fun time…..

Speaking of BABIES…….. I just found out that I’m going to be a Great-Grandma….. Michael and Alissa just found out that they are going to be parents in about eight months… They were both very surprised but are very happy… Of course, I am just ecstatic….. Now I really have to get the knitting needles going….I remember the things that I made for Michael before he was born and I was surprised to find out that he has saved them all these years….I am so thankful that I am still around to make something for his children…..

That’s it for now……I’ll be back later…. Maybe from Duluth next time…

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