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View of Caribbean from our Belize hotel room

Belize Mexico border

A relative short driving day today (just 210kms) and no borders to cross (yippee!!). However, there was a lot to see. We began by stopping just down the road from our overnight resort to view a small Mayan site right on the coast. We walked round which took an hour (with the Morrisons and the Patchets). The Morrisons always swat up on this sort of thing so we had our own "in house" guides. This site is a very pretty neat little site which at its height only contained 600 inhabitants but they were all nobility. It was essentially a trading post with the outside world where foreigners visited from across the sea. It has been very well preserved.

We then drove on goodish roads to the town of Valladolid to fill up with petrol (having bought none throughout the whole of Belize) and then on to view a "cenote". A cenote, I learnt today, is a sort of artesian well. In this part of Mexico ie the Yucatan Peninsula, there are no rivers and therefore no easy access to fresh water. However, there are many deep natural "wells" and this one - called Cenote Dzitnup - was approached down steep stone steps where we found an underground grotto. Only two other people were there (German toursits). In the centre was a large deep light green pool of water and pleny of stalagtites and stalagmites. The place was airy and well lit due to a large hole high in the ceiling. It was permissible to bathe there so Jenny and Charles Patchet decided to do just that and had a highly enjoyable cooling dip in this large underground lake.

After that and time out for more cool drinks we set off on the remaining 50 kilometres to our hotel "Hacienda Chichen Itza". Another superb hotel with friendly helpful porters, bell boys, stewards and staff in general and, as always, great fascination with the cars. As we arrived Steward Woodhead told us he had organised a walking tour of the nearby very large Mayan site in half an hours time. So after a quick cold shower we joined them and about a dozen others for a 2 hour tour of this very extensive and impressive site.

All fascinating and educational but by now I think I have been completely "Mayaned Out" so am hoping Jenny will let me off the two sites organised for stops tomorrow `particularly as tomorrow we shall have to cover well over 400 kms anyway.

It is now 5 o`clock as I write this. When the temperature cools down a bit I shall conduct the usual checks on the car which is so far running so well. I just have to remember to keep an eye on the temperature when travelling through towns otherwise it swiftly gets to 212 degree Farenheit as we crawl through in second gear trying to avoid the large numbers of vicious sleeping policemen.

But all cars are still running so its a question of so far so good.

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