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We love our large bedroom with computer desk.

The living/kitchen area.

This is our house, the side that faces the water.

Our view when we sat on the deck.

We didn't make it all the way to Moncton on our second day of travel; we decided to stay at the Irving Big Stop just south of Fredericton. The coach power (with the use of the inverter) was sufficient to operate TV, coffee maker, other electrical appliances and of course we had propane heat for the cool evening. It lived up to expectations and was another test of the new system, passing with flying colours.

We drove in to our house at Grand-Barachois, NB on Saturday morning. Even though our house is for sale, as we arrived and checked out the house we were reminded of how much we really loved the place and the location. Oh...more news! We have actually finally sold our house :) :) :)!. The sale was agreed to last week and the conditions have been removed. We now have a couple of weeks to remove the remaining things we still have in the house and we'll finally be on our way into our new lifestyle (fulltiming). We've considered ourselves as being fulltimers since last June but now it is finally true! It just didn't seem real when we still had a house that we owned.

We've been getting up to speed with the neighbours in our cottage area; finding out what the latest news is and how the winter went. Weather seemed to be the main topic of discussion but it was nice to socialize with our friends here again.

On Sunday we attended the Gold Wing Road Riders Association Chapter meeting in Moncton. There was a great turn out and we got the chance to spend time with all our friends and share our stories since the last time we were together. One thing Lise and I noticed is that we seem to have acquired a lot of friends in different groups - our GWRRA chapter in the Yukon; the chapter in Moncton; our work friends - even though we're now retired we still correspond and visit once in a while; our friends in the cottage country we were living in, and, most recently, our new friends in the RV Resort we spent the winter at. Even though we move around a lot, and are basically both fairly shy (no, really!), we still seem able to make new friends and that is a strong attraction to continuing this lifestyle and making it the success it is for us.

We will be moving to Wishing Star Campground in Shediac, NB later today. We will probably be there about a week as we continue to clean out the house and finalize the paperwork and other things necessary to close out this chapter of our life. Once we leave here we will have to consider ourselves Ontario residents as that is where we will be spending our summers, at least for the foreseeable future.

We had some people request to see inside pictures of the motorhome so we have added them here. Also, for any that may not have seen it we have attached a few pictures of our house to put my discussions of it in perspective.

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