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Antique Theatre.. from the roman times... Arles, France.. so are next few...

Entrance to the antique theatre

This is how the theatre looked during the roman times

Street in Arles, France

Map of Cinque Terre

After I got off the train, I walked past this small tunnel.....

Cinque Terre... this is the town I stayed in - Monterrosso

You can imagine the walk from the earlier picture

Still on my way to.......

... Vernazza

Can u blame me for wanting to go back there again in...

Look again

SNOW... she was my companion for the most of the way..

Leaving me for another guy!!

I think I see Vernazza..


Even with bad weather, the place looked great

Touch of photography

A street in Vernazza

Vernazza from below

Local fishermen..

what is cinque terre without me in it?

When I woke up to this, I knew I couldnt walk to...

This totally convinced me to hit the road..

I hit the road to Pisa.. what is wrong with the last...

Yeah, the leaning tower!!

Really leaning, innit?

One final look..


The wind was too strong in Arles and the forecast was that it would remain windy for 3 more days.. So, I went to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is a beautiful place. It is a stretch of five little towns. The guide book recommends to walk from one end of the town to the other end - just the walk along is very famous because it contains picturesque scenes from the top of the mountain overlooking the ocean.

When I got to Cinque, it was raining. But, I didn't come all the way there to sit in my room. So, I decided to walk it anyway. It takes about 5 hours to cover the entire 5 towns. I started from Monteresso to the next town - Vernazza. It is the most grueling part of the walk because you go up the mountain - very steep. But, the view from was incredible - 2 hour walk. It was worth it. Unfortunately, when I got to Vernazza, the rain became harder. I couldn't continue since the roads are very narrow - edge of the mountains - and it was becoming more and more slippery.

The forecast was heavy rain mixed with snow. By the way, the entire place was deserted since it is off season. Every place was closed and there were only few restaurants that were open. I decided to change my itinerary. Instead of continuing on to the rest of Italy, I am going to Switzerland to ski. I will come back to Cinque Terre and all of Italy on April before I cross over to Greece. I have to see that place under the sun and trees blooming with different color leaves.

I still have great pictures but this computer doesn't have usb connection.

Oh, one other note. While I was walking on the mountain to Vernazza, I made a new friend, Snow - I call her that because her name is hard to pronounce. She was a great company and a great listener. But, she left me along the way when she met another guy. That little b... I thought we had chemistry.

I will write from Switzerland next.

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