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Hello All!

Meg at the keys here. (Thoms busy chillin' with a cold beer on the wide marble window ledge of our room watching darkness fall and the city come to life. I will be joining him shortly)

Tonight is our last night in bella Roma. We leave in the early morning tommorrow for Pisa, home of the now not quite so leaning tower. You might or might not have heard from us earlier, so some of this may be a repeat. Dad and Erin, I know you've heard most of this, but its okay, you can hear it twice. Mom, I missed talking to you as you were "churching", but its ok, i\ll talk to you next time if you're not out of town. Mike, Dottie and Emi, we tried to call you guys too but no one picked up so we assumed you were out in the garden. Will try again tommorrow to touch base.

Yesterday and today\s adventures: We saw the Trevi fountain, the spanish steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza Repubblica, as well as various churches, city views, and crumbly ruins.

You'll get to see all this when we give you the big picture display when we get back, but if yuou're curious, i\m sure it\ll be on google somewhere.

In the meantime, I have a date on a windowsill with fresh pane (bread), maremma cheese *horse milk cheese*, and a bottle of wine. And just a few steps down the street is the world's best gelaterie! And its open till midnight!

Glad you guys are enjoying the updates, and yes, Erin, we DO get your emails, though we only check every 2 days or so, and with hte time change it might sometimes be three.

Love you all lots!

Meg and Thom

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