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I like the Amish better

My Baby

This is Kaya, my 13 yr old granddog

Our hayfever is really kicking in, but it's so pretty

One of my favorite parts of Wisconsin

Beautiful rolling farm land


Lots of these signs along the freeway

Crossing the St Croix River

Welcome Home

We woke up at 5:30 am yesterday… Our bodies are still in EDT instead of CDT and probably will be for a few more days… We packed up everything and went to Randy and Robins before hooking up for coffee… Robin had a pan of caramel rolls hot our of the toaster oven for us to go with our coffee… Going to their house for coffee is even better than going to Starbucks…They make wonderful strong coffee and Starbucks never gives us fresh caramel rolls… On the road to there place we followed a tractor for awhile and I couldn’t help but compare it to the Amish equipment we had seen the day before…. For some crazy reason, I liked the horse drawn plows much better…..All too soon, it was time to say good-bye and hook up our house for the last 215 miles home…. Yes I still consider Minnesota as coming home even though we haven’t lived here in three years… It’s hard to erase the first 60 plus years of your life and we still get excited when we see the Welcome to Minnesota Sign…

The last 200 miles is always the longest of our trip (or so it seems) but the scenery is beautiful….Driving thru Wisconsin Dells is awesome… It has such wonderful rock formations and the Dairy land is truly beautiful…The further we drove north, the less leaves we saw on the trees and the colder it got…. Minnesota really got hit with a hard winter this year…Lots of snow and really cold weather… I remember when that was a typical winter here but things have changed over the last ten years and it hasn’t been harsh at all… Well this year nature made up for it…

Once we crossed the Saint Croix River, the dark clouds rolled across and we were in Minnesota, 28 days and seven states after leaving our little place in Florida…. Boy, have we seen a lot in 28 days….

We checked into our site at Lake Elmo Park Reserve for the next 5 nights and were greeted by mosquitoes as big as bumble bees and Bill has already found a wood tick on him…. One of the little things that I had forgotten about…. No we don’t have alligators or dangerous snakes here but there are some very nasty pests .

We were able to see a small part of our family last night but still have lots more to check in with so we will be quite busy the next few days… Right now we are off to get some groceries and some Caribou Coffee…. Can’t wait….

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