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Alright, so it's not pronounced OMA - RAMA. but omar-a-ma. i like oma-rama better. kinda like bingo-rama. casino-rama. you get the idea. but i've got a new friend in christchurch who insists on correcting me. and moeraki. has a rolling rrrrrrrrr. which i can't do captain, i've got to have more juice.


went on a hike up a hill here behind the property. needless to say, i took a spill on my way back down. had lots of sheep poo in my cut (in my hand) and had to get out me ole swiss army knife with the tweezers to get the rock shards out of my hand. then i poured purell on the cut. which led to some very imaginative dancing and cursing on my part. thankfully only the sheep were around to watch and hear me.

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