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one of the many 'streams' we crossed

perfect spot for our tent

After stocking up on groceries and junk food, we rolled out of town towards Aris, our stop for the night.

Our camp was off the main road. After crossing a couple of streams, we pulled in to find the place desserted -the caretaker was nowhere in sight. There was a main dining hall, a shower block and flush toilets, but the water was shut off. With the roads flooding, our crew leader didn't want to take a chance pushing on further and getting stuck by the side of the road somewhere in the dark. So with or without running water, we were going to rough it.

After a close look at the ruts in the ground left by the rain earlier in the day, we found a perfect spot for our tent, in case it would rain again in the night. It was on a slight grade, with a large stone planter at the back, with two huge ruts to the left and right, leaving an island for our tent.

Sure enough, as soon as we finished putting up the tent and settled down in the dining hall for a drink, it started to pour. Our tent spot was awesome - check out the photo.

The folks at the back of the truck had started Happy Hour shortly after we left Bethanie, so with the combination of dehydration, and empty stomachs, they were well on their way by the time dinner was served. We all had a lot of fun that evening! The dining hall was perfect as we were all in there chatting away and playing cards.

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