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Sunset at Fish River Canyon

rolling down a river

Sunset 2

We started the day off with a 3 hr canoe ride down the Orange River in 2 man canoes. It was very relaxing. The sky was still overcast, which was perfect --couldn't have imagined doing this in yesterday's heat!!! We would have all been burnt to a crisp.

The water was very warm, and the water fights were very refreshing. We all got pretty wet, but were pretty much dry by the end of the paddle.

We saw a few really interesting birds, one of which is the African Snake Bird. Its neck is long and it swims with it's body submerged, with it's head and neck out of the water. As it swims, its neck wriggles like a snake. eeek.

After lunch, we headed to Hobas, our stop for the night and our launchpad to the Fish River Canyon. We drove for hours into scrubland. When we got to our oasis, we found that the campsite had a pool, general store, and a bar! Sweet!

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