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I took some sunset pictures while in Champaign the other nite

Isn't it pretty

Gee it's pretty

Look at this beautiful crab apple tree

The flowers are really pretty

Here's Randy... I get ya later Robin

The Amish at work in the fields

Robin is showing me a hummingbird nest that was outside her window...

Isn't she a doll?

What a back yard huh?

We were just sitting out at our camp site and look who...


They are getting real close

This one is running to have her picture taken

I took this out of our back window--- You can see how...

The Ride to Randy and Robin’s turned out to be 270 miles of some of the worst roads that we have been on… The one that really turned us upside down was the Turnpike thru the Chicago area… Well not quite IN Chicago but close enough in Rockford… This toll road was all torn apart with very uneven lanes for a long long time… I would guess it was 15 or 20 miles of very heavy traffic, mostly trucks, and then just as we got to the Wisconsin border, they had the nerve to charge us for driving on it…. Seems to me that they should have been paying us…

We drove 200 + miles in the state of Illinois and it was as flat as can be with hardly a curve in the road…. I waved to our friends Pam and Smokey’s relatives as we went thru Bloomington…. They were there just over a week ago but had already left for Maryland to spend the summer with their son…. What a shame.. I would love to see them again..

As soon as we saw the “Welcome to Wisconsin“ sign you could spot the change immediately. The beautiful corn fields gave way to rolling hills with plus green pastures, cows and dairy’s……. It was great to be back in America’s Dairyland and cheese…. Sure, we have to take the cheese heads along with this beautiful state but I can handle that until the football season starts. Of course you all know that I am just kidding…. Aren’t I???? The Vikings and the Packers have been friendly rivals for a long time and I can’t miss an opportunity to razz our friends from here…. I also feel their pain with the retirement of the great Brett Farve..(Did I spell that right?)

We had lunch in Janesville, a great town that my Niece lived in for years while raising her family and our good friends Jenny and Garry lived here when the sold everything and started full timing the same year that they did….You will hear more about them shortly because they are going to be work-camping in Minnesota this year and we hope to see a bit of them…..

As much as we wanted to spend more time in Janesville at the Rotary Gardens, my anxiety to see the kids was just too much so we plodded on to Portage, WI… We are again staying at the Mile High RV Resort… It is not my favorite resort because there are so many seasonal places here and it doesn’t look like they have many rules to go by…. I guess that we are glad we have restrictions in our place in Florida… It makes for a much neater campground….The fact that we are only a mile or so from our kids makes it worth while though.. The roads here are awful but they just completed a very rough winter with tons more snow than usual so some of this can be expected…. While the campgrounds took a beating, the ski resort that my son is the Director of had a record year…… Skiing….Snow… Nice cool weather.. That can make for a perfect year….

We spent the evening at Randy and Robin’s last night just catching up with the past year…When we arrived we were welcomed with the apple trees in full blossom and the tulips and crocus in full bloom…. It was so pretty….

Today they took us to an Amish bakery first thing this morning and next we went to the Amish grocery store and the Cheese factory… Wow, did I ever find some great stuff… The Cheese House has won many awards for their excellent cheese’s and I bought several different kinds… What I really went therefore was their crumbled blue cheese… I bought some the last time we were here and it was so good that I had to get some more… This time I bought a big 28 oz package and I will freeze it until I need it for salads… They had fresh butter for only $2.00 lb. that both Robin and I purchased to go on the home made bread we got at the bakery…

This evening I cooked dinner and it was wonderful to have them come over to “our house”….. Everything tasted great and we topped off the evening playing cards and then a few hands of Mexican Train….. Gee it’s nice to be with family…………..Later

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