Meg and Thom's Trip to Italy 2008! travel blog

Thom at the keys here:

Hey everybody!

Naples was incredible, it truely is the city of the sun. The hottest point of the hottest day we were there it was running about 42 degrees celcius but we didn't bake too bad as we spent the most of that day touring medievil castles on the seaside (Castle Nuovo, and Castle Dell'Ovo). The people in Naples were probably the most interesting part though, everyone was REALLY unbelievably friendly until they got behind the wheel of a car (or motor scooter or 3-wheeled-van/truck-thing) where they will ignore all trafic laws. The National Archaeological Museum was also fantastic!! With the statuary, ancient oil paintings, cavern of a grand hall, and the legandary secretto gabignetto (a gallery of ancient pornographic materials from Pompeii and Herculanium). We supped on the thinnest and finest pizza ever and I discovered a beer called azzo naturo, which I highly recommend. All of the streets but the major ones are about 10 to 15 feet wide and lined with little shops, fruit vendors, and folks selling knock off Gucci bags. Our Hostel was voted the best hostel worldwide and it lives up to its reputation. It was great.

We took the train back to Rome and crashed into our hostel beds for an excellent nights sleep after a meal of hollow spagetti and ewe cheese (Meg had fettucini pomodoro). We did the Colloseum, the Roman forum, and the Palantine hill for our daily archaeology fix. wow... wow. We saw so much that defies explanation, everything was so big, so ancient, so beautiful. The view from the orange grove on top of Palantine hill overlooking the arch of titus and the temple of Saturn sticks in my mind with particular vividity ( if thats a word).

Anyhow I should probably hop off this fine hostel computer and give one of the other young travellers a chance at it.

Love you guys, we'll post again soon!!!

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