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From Montgomery Bell State Park, just west of Nashville, TN.

Despite the many rumors that may be floating to the contrary, we are still alive, kicking (or at least stubbing our toe), & enjoying the simple life.

Last Wednesday (05/07), we migrated from Crossville, Tennessee to Franklin, Tennessee, parking again at our home WalMart. Though Brian was working, Heather, Micah, Joelle & Isabel came over & had dinner with us Wednesday night.

Thursday we stayed busy all day having lunch with Brian, getting dental cleanings & x-rays, getting the new license tags for the Phaeton replaced, some other chores that I have since forgotten & ending the day by going to watch Micah in his ice-skating class.

The license tag for the Phaeton supposedly had been mailed to us, but it never arrived. The court house was willing to replace it no charge, but they required that we file a police report on it to log it into the NCIC system in case someone was illegally using it.

We went to the police office in Franklin (the originating town). They said it was a jurisdictional issue for Spring Hill, since the tag was mailed to our P. O. box there. I didn’t understand how they could determine that it was the jurisdiction of the destination town rather than the originating town; I mean, after all it was LOST & we know not where it was lost. Anyway, I meekly played the game with them. Spring Hill police took the report, gave me the documentation that the court house needed to reissue & all was well.

Oh yea, one of the other things that we did was to cancel the P. O. box. With that, we have now broken all formal connections with Spring Hill & Maury County, our former stick-house residence. We have had a few situations that have glitched with mail being sent there & then sitting there for 3-4 months. Brian & Heather have been gracious enough to agree to receive all of our mail & forward the important stuff (yea, both pieces of it) to us once a month, or as needed.

Because we were watching Micah skate in the early evening, we had decided to remain with Uncle Wally for two nights. While there are WalMart, I had an interesting encounter on Thursday.

While I was outside the Phaeton doing something trivial, I noticed a certain pick-up sitting off to the side. I didn’t pay it much attention, until I saw it rolling toward me. As it got near, the driver I exchanged greetings. He then introduced himself as being with the local Codes Department.

In some towns (more & more it seems), the local communities are passing ordinances to prohibit overnight parking in places such as WalMart. In all of our travels, we have only encountered one store location where it seemed that management was the naysayer on us parking overnight. In all other cases, it has been local ordinances.

My immediate thought when he said that he was with the Codes Department was that Franklin had likewise recently passed such an ordinance. Rather, he fairly quickly explained that he had no issues with us staying a night or two, almost in a welcoming tone.

He went further to say that because that location had had a few abusers, even one that he cited that stayed for three weeks, he was now passing through each day & noting the license tags of the overnighters. Presumably he would take action when needed against homesteaders who were setting roots.

Hopefully the abusers will not kill the privilege that so many of us RV’ers enjoy, being able to park conveniently & free for a night or two. I fully recognize that there are mixed opinions on the whole issue of overnight parking, but given the amount of money that we spend with the company & the courtesies of which we remain very conscious while there, I certainly hope that we never lose this privilege.

Friday we hooked-up & moved to Springfield, to Vicki’s parents’ driveway. We remained there until Tuesday, when we moved to Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, Tennessee, about 25 miles west of Nashville.

This has always been our favorite park, even going back to the early days when Brian & Kevin were young tykes. Oh how well I recall pulling into here with our 1978 Honda Accord, pulling a small utility trailer, piled high with the tent, chests of cookware & other hardware, bicycles, etc, etc, etc. The boys rolled many miles on their bikes on the roads of this campground. If all of the miles that we have walked in this park had been in the same shoes, we would have probably worn-out a couple pairs on these roads. We have had many campfires here.

Because we have spent so much time in this area, this week & next will not be the typical sightseeing activities. It is all about catching the opportunities to spend time with different family members & in-between just enjoying the park setting here…..maybe having a few flashbacks of other fun times that we have experienced here.

As I said in the opening, we are still alive & enjoying the simple life until we begin our second long trip of 2008 in early June.

I hope that you are enjoying your life also in whatever setting it may be occurring.

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