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The front end of the Spruce Goose!!! It was one big plane!!

Steve by a little trick was one small plane!!!

A view from under the wing of the Spruce Goose!!

The front cockpit of a Blackbird...superb plane!

Steve next to the Blackbird

Steve keeping the Spruce Goose in place!!!

A warhawk...I liked this plane

Steve at the start of a discussion....I took his wallet and headed...

A B-17 bomber

The Ford Passenger plane...luggage was stored in the wings!!

Inside the Ford passenger plane...bit different to today!! favourite section

Bell and Hiller helicopters!!

Steve being naughty and touching the Spruce Goose...

Parking for cars, vans, RV's and planes!!!!

Really, you can park anything in America!!!

The Top Gun Plane, according to Steve - we didn't walk round...

We are off today to Lafayette which is about 54 miles inland so a nice short journey. We will set up and then head over to the Aviation Museum this afternoon to see the Spruce Goose and many other aircraft. As you can imagine, Steve is slightly more excited about this visit than I am but I am sure it will be interesting.

Probably going to stay in Lafayette for a 2 nights although we booked for 3 so hopefully we can change it. More later if we have internet...

Well, we didn't have internet and so I am doing this in Eatonville. We left Lincoln City after saying goodbye to Ed and Lenora - he gave us two baseball caps as a parting gift. They really were a lovely couple with a great park that we would love to buy, as they are selling it, if only we have $2.3 million!!! The RV park in Lafayette was a bit of a dump run by an ex-Senator for Kansas called Bill. He knows the Clintons and McCain!! Mind you, there are a lot of weird people in Oregon so we are not sure...might look him up on the internet. Was a nice guy though but the site had lots of permanents and was definately not the sleepy hollow it advertised itself as!!

We parked up, got the aircon on and then went to the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. It was only a short distance from the RV Park so that was handy. It was very interesting. Apparently, I saw the Spruce Goose when I was 12 yrs old - I don't remember!! It was impressive and they had an excellent selectrion of aircraft. managed to get a charm for my bracelet so that was good and then we ehaded back for something to eat and an early night because we will leave tomorrow to head over to Mount St Helens.

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