Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Yeah yeah yeah, you smile but JUST wait..!

They're off..... to meet DOOM! he he!

A spiders house on Mount Doooooooom!

I SWEAR its steeper than it looks! Gggh, bloody photo's - makin...

Physically couldn't close our mouths, neeeed AIIRRRR!

MADE IT! No more climbin! Now, the map says a small flat...

Knackered, out of breath, hungry, sore feet, thirsty and I STILL manage...

Whats left of a lava flow...

Just muckin about with macro - little flower miles up on a...

...and anuvva one.

A HA! Found one building...

AAAAGGH - FREEZIN! Least it cooled our feet down anyway..

This is my 'Not impressed that this path seems to go on...

We started at the 1st red dot left of the middle near...

UGH! Just did the walk from hell! Went on a 17km, 7 hour hike up into the craters of mount Tongariro (Mount doom from Lord of the Rings - but today there were no beasties or hot red stuff!).

Got up at 5:20 (Gettin good at this dad aint I?!) and legged it to the pick-up. Started the walk at 7:20 up a fairly easy track and it gradually got harder and hardeR and harDER and hARDER and HARDER! ARRGH, legs felt like jelly by the end and lungs felt like a pair of old socks!

The first 'beast' was Devils Staircase. Basically a sh*t hard ascent up a ridiculously steep part of the mountain - it was high steps up the rock for about an hour, UGH! Then there was the next climb after a flat to the side of the crater (Just realise we'd walked across it - thought it was getting warm!) and out onto the 'ridge' overlooking a massive expanse of the next crater, past the emerald lakes. First thing you notice is that it STINKS of bad egg, sulphur n stuff.

Anyway, from there it was fairly easy compared to the rest but now we had exhaustion against us and a 'fairly easy' trak was easily converted into the 'death slopes to the car park' for thighs! Made a stop in what we figured to be a warm stream but turned out to be bloody freezin!

Anyway, speek l8rzzzzzz!


(Oh, accidentally elbowed a swedish kid in the face trying to open the window on the bus on the way home, hilarous - his head bounced about all over the place, Oops! ha ha!)

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