Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Frickin hot but luuuurvly when you get used to it, first bath...

Creature from the deep - or marc snorting hot spring water!

Arrogant fuc*er! Definately gonna end up lookin like a poodle! Ggggh!

Arrived today and went for a wander along the beach (Lake Taupo). Turns out its a volcanoe due to erupt within the next 27 years and will have an effect globally. uuurgh!

Anyway, went to a hot waterfall as it got dark - got a cab and then wandered down the track. Teetered down the gravel bank and under the little wooden bridge in front of it and dipped a foot in...

...OWWWWWWWWWWWW, immediately recoiled - was like gettin into a REEAALLY hot bath! Took around 10 minutes acclimatising before eventually sitting down and luuuurrrvin it. Could have gone to sleep but would definately have woke up lookin lik a prune - as unlike a bath, it doesn't cool down. Took some piccies and got the cab back.

Went to bed all warm 'n snug!


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