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Beautiful Farm Country

D & W Campground


Our view from the window... NICE

Bill went out early this morning to get ready for our next ride before the rain started…. We both finished just in time and left the Kentucky Horse Park with sprinkles coming down…. That soon turned into a downpour and by the time we got to Frankfort it hadn’t let up at all…. We had hoped to stop for some sight-seeing along the way and especially wanted to walk around downtown Louisville but with the rain still coming down hard It wouldn’t have been much fun…. I don’t know what it is about Louisville but as long as I can remember, every time I have gone through it, it was either raining hard or snowing.. I’m beginning to think it’s me…. Oh well, Indianapolis is just ahead… Again, we had planned on stopping there and even spending a couple of days but the weather was awful so we just kept on going…. There is a lot of construction going on along the west side of I-465 and I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking of to have it all torn up just right next to the Indy Speedway with the race less than two weeks away…. What a mess that is going to be…..

The first time we stopped, except at a rest stop once was in Illinois for a real late lunch…. Well I guess it wasn’t so late cuz the time zone went back an hour at the border so what our tummy’s said was 2:00, the clocks said 1:00.….We tried to fill the tank up while we were there but the town wasn’t set up for a big rig like ours…. Even the Starbuck’s we found was impossible to get near….. We parked a long ways away and walked over to get our coffee…. So much for the big signs that say “Drive-Thru” It’s not even wide enough for us to get thru let alone turn the corners…..

After getting our expresso, we got a second wind and just kept on going through some beautiful farm country with my favorite black dirt that looks so rich…. The corn has already been planted and is up far enough so we can see the rows…. I don’t know what happened to the hills and mountains but they are long gone…. So are many of the trees…… It really is farm country….

We found a nice little camp ground right off of I-74 & 57 that is on a small little fishing lake…. It’s called D & W RV Park…. We have full hook up and a beautiful view for $20.00 a night… Can’t beat that… And guess what???? The sun is out and it is beautiful….

We just kept the truck hooked up and didn’t even put the sewer hoses out…. Not a problem for an overnight or even 5 nights, an it sure makes setting up a lot faster… Plug in the electric cord and attach a hose to the faucet….

Today was the first day that we spent the entire day on the Interstate… It makes it a lot less tiring than the back roads which is why we drove over 300 miles today but when I came inside to set up, I found more things on the floor than we have had in ages…. That just tells you how rough the potholes and dips on the freeway were….My paper towels had unraveled all over the floor and I found a couple of dishes that had come out of the cupboards and were on the floor even though the cupboards were closed…. They must have popped open and then back again…..

I am hoping to sleep real fast tonight because tomorrow we should have an easy trip to Portage, Wisconsin….. Portage is just south of Wisconsin Dells and is where my son Randy and his darling wife Robin live…. We haven’t seen any family members for a long time and I can hardly wait…… Later……

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