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first night : me, jess, cristina and jackie


storks as well as swans exist!-coming from a naive american

enjoying vin chaud along with our new buddies julien and pierre

petite france

us at alsacian resto with thibault

the cute alsacian resto

the very flambouyantly gothic cathedral

jess and i and my new hat whoohoo!

à l'orangerie avec jackie et julien

in front of the EU

went to the lovely village of strasbourg with some fellow BU camarades this past weekend. we were lucky to meet up with some friends of a friend who made our visit quite personal and more enjoyable! so our friend madeline's friends, namely julien, became our tour guides of strasbourg! we got to drive into germany just to buy cheap chocolate, play scrabble in french (grandpa should be proud!), enjoy vin chaud, go to all the hot spots for good alsacian food, contempory art museum (for me!), visit EU central (aside from brussels), the "central park" of strasbourg (l'orangerie) where i discovered that storks really do exist outside of the child hood story...btw i have now created the new rumor around france that americans are so naive they don't even think storks exist... thank you very much, petite paris where the lepers used to live (hopefully that is politically correct) and i think that is it! the weekend was very relaxing and also good for our french since when there is a french person present we are less likely to slip into english...which seems to be happening too much! but it was nice to get a taste of the culture outside of the tourist traps!

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