2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

mid-Hatteras Island - the historic signs denote Billy Mitchell's demo and the...

entering Waves

greater metropolitan Waves

our campground at Waves

the beach at Waves

debris on the beach at Waves

fishing at Waves

the pier at Waves

a tern hanging out at Waves

waves at Waves

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Tern Flying at Ocean Waves

(MP4 - 3.80 MB)

Waves at Ocean Waves

The short sweet summary version - Wednesday and Thursday, May 14 and 15

Wednesday, May 14

The weather having returned to what passes for normal here, we drove 30 miles up island to the little community of Waves, where we got a nice space in an RV Park (Ocean Waves) that has shade, hookups, hot showers and WiFi. We have laundry to do, repairs to make and a week and a half of journaling to catch up on.

Thursday, May 15

Continued same, and in an uncharacteristic run of good luck there is an RV repair guy a mile down the street. I was able to ride my bike down and get the vent cover, and half an hour later the duct tape was in the dumpster, the new cover was installed, and we were both breathing easier.

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