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This morning we awoke early to the sound of rain. I roused from my slumber enough to close the open window beside my head, and went back to sleep briefly. It wasn’t long before I awoke again because of the tickle in my throat. I began coughing and finally got up and moved to the living room so as not to keep Marilyn awake.

I did manage to fall asleep again but Marilyn woke me with a question, “Are you ready for some coffee?”

Yesterday had been some day! I didn’t work because I wasn’t needed but could not have given a tour anyway. My voice is raspy and the cough is irritatingly frequent.

Marilyn was meeting Jennifer for lunch at the “Old Planter’s” restaurant yesterday, but I turned down my invitation to join them. I decide to take advantage of that quiet time to take a nap.

I was sleeping peacefully with the sound of rain on the roof when the phone rang. It was Marilyn asking if we had hail here at the campground. She said that the streets and sidewalks in town were covered with marble sized hail. I peeked out the window and informed her that we had no sign of hail here.

It was awhile before Marilyn returned but I was watching for her when she drove up. Jeff and Chuck walked over to talk before Marilyn came inside. She was parked close to the RV and I could see the dents from the window.

Jeff has a new car and he said it was damaged by the hail, also. At least our van is ten years old. It is a really good car though. I keep up with the maintenance and try to keep a good coat of wax on it. It was always in a garage until we became full time RVers. Now we keep it at the farm when we are away from here.

I called the insurance company and they asked me to get an estimate and fax it to them, so I will take care of that today. If the “paintless dent removal” method can be used the insurance company will waive the $250 deductible.

I will keep you advised of the outcome on this.

We have just over two weeks remaining here in Hannibal and we will be on the way to Branson, MO and then on the road to Colorado Springs, CO.

We are anxious and ready to go, but have a few people to see before we leave.

It was quite an exciting day yesterday with some things we could do without, but we never know what is waiting for us on any given day.

One thing I know for sure is that I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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