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Python Pool Millstream

We have some time spare so decided to head in to see Millstream as I have never been and Matt went when he was about Jaida’s age. We got a permit to travel out from Karratha along the rail access line. It was an awesome and spectacular drive coming through some amazing countryside. The rocks are red with the iron oxide and with the green spinifex and cutting mountain range, make for a specky sight. The road was pretty rough though and by the time we arrived at Python Pool the car and the camper were just red. It was a welcome relief to get out of the car and take the short walk to the pool. It is an impressive circular pool surrounded by a mountain of rock with bands of colour. The water was cool, but not freezing and we all got in and had a swim. There were some small freshwater fish, who I am sure enjoyed the girls eating their lunch there and sharing their crumbs with them.

We left Python Pool and headed to the Millstream homestead. This now acts as a visitors centre and is open daily but unattended. We were the only ones there and arrived to find kangaroos grazing in the paddock out the front, a flighty lizard that was obviously fast asleep, fell out of the roof in shock when we arrived and clean flushing toilets. We had a look around and then decided to follow the path in the bush. The path tells the tale of the young boy who grew up at the homestead and points out where the bath house was, the vegetable gardens, tennis courts etc. It was a fascinating reading the story and even more beautiful were the lush foliage and fresh running water that cascaded over bubbling brooks and waterfalls. The water was crystal clear and cool to drink. We later established that this is where Matt had come years before and swum. Now you can no longer swim there and in hindsight we should have put the kids in there as unfortunately the only other places you can swim – Deep Reach and The Crossing were basically rivers, too deep and muddy for the kids to swim in.

We camped up at The Crossing and had our first bucket showers and powerless nights. It was quite lovely, but really cold. We got a nasty shock as to how cool the nights are inland already. It was a really serene campsite overlooking the river, very relaxing. Everyone camped up were friendly and relaxed – I am sure we must have spoilt their serenity!

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