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Renfro VAlley from I-75


One of the many sculptures

The story

The horse

Horse in training

Another beautiful sculpture



Grave site of one of the horses

His Story



This one was having a birthday so they gave him watermelon... He...






We left Renfro Valley yesterday morning and took I-75 a whole 60 miles to Lexington… We are just going to have to stop these long days of driving don’t you think?…

We had seen several brochures of Lexington and wanted to make sure that we got to see the Kentucky Horse Park….The brochures all say “Horse Capitol of the World” and of course Ocala also says that they are the “Horse Capitol of the World”. I still don’t know who is right but they both sure have a lot of beautiful horses…..

The Horse Park has a really nice campground with nice concrete pads and lots of room between sites…. They do not have sewer at any of the sites but there is water and electric…. For the couple of days that we will be here that is all we need… The price is right at $22.00 a night for seniors….

We got checked in quickly and Bill did one of his perfect back-ins so we were set up in no time and on our way to the Horse Park…. We had no idea what to expect so we bought our tickets and went to the restaurant first where we had a bite to eat and study the map….

The grounds have beautiful sculptures along the paths… There is a Man O’ War memorial as well as a beautiful sculpture of Secretariat….. The Hall of Champions was our first destination as they had a show starting before too long… It was way on the other side of the park but we had plenty of time to get there…. Several great champions are stabled there and still get royal treatment… Most of the ones we met were big winners in the 90’s but you could tell that they still loved to hear the applause we all gave them…

Next we walked back down the hill to the Parade of Breeds Barn…. Here we saw a show of several different breeds showing off for the audience… What magnificent animals….

There is a Horse Drawn Tour available around the grounds but we preferred walking…. That didn’t stop us from going to see the horsed that pull the carts though…. I’m not sure what their breeds were but they sure were big…. One of our favorites was “John”… John weighs over 2000 pounds and suffers from allergies… Poor thing…. He also loves to be scratched under his mane… Bill and I stood there for a long time just rubbing his neck and I swear that he almost purred… They do have special medicine for allergies for horses just like humans… Because he was having such a hard time now, he hasn’t been able to pull the cart….

There is a wonderful Museum of the Horse that we spent quite a bit of time going through but one disappointment that we had is that the Mare and Foul Show doesn’t start until Memorial Day… Every spring, several foals are born at the park or brought in from neighboring farms to be raised.. You can meet the adorable babies and their moms from Memorial Day - July 31st only…Darn, we missed it by two weeks…..

There are tons of things to do at the park, like taking a 3 hour tour to some of the most beautiful horse farms in the world, or take a guided trail ride along the outskirts of the park on some beautiful horses… They also have pony rides for the little ones…

We sure did have a fun day at the Kentucky Horse Park and are glad that we stopped to see it…

We haven’t made up our minds what we want to see today, but I’ll bet it will be fun too so come back again……

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