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Just waking up

I see my grandma

Colby with his Mom & Grandma

Playing with grandpa

Yesterday was a good day, except for the inability to post pictures with the wi-fi system here at the campground. I kept getting bumped off. So Marilyn & I drove to the local McDonalds with my trusty laptop in hand, to have breakfast and post pictures.

Everything was finished in quick order and we returned to the RV.

We were both tired because of being awake most of the night before. The heavy storms with the rain and strong winds lingered into the morning. It was quite cool and very windy all morning. As the day warmed into the 50's, the wind abated somewhat and it felt more comfortable outdoors.

I gave Marilyn some roses and a nice card for Mother's day and promised her that the evening meal was going to be prepared for her.

Jennifer and Colby arrived in the afternoon and we enjoyed a wonderful few hours playing with Colby and visiting with Jennifer.

I finally began to prepare dinner while Jen & Marilyn took a walk around the campground. Colby was down for a nap and I had some good music on the sound system, so I was having fun preparing dinner of Ed's Famous Penne Pasta.

When the ladies returned from their walk I had water boiling for the pasta and the sauce was well on it's way to being complete. I had two kinds of wine on the table because Marilyn likes a sweeter wine than I do.

We helped Jen load things into her car, including Colby in his car seat, and then returned inside to have dinner.

I had Italian music on the sound system by this time and we enjoyed the wine and pasta. After dinner I dried dishes as Marilyn washed them, and we had everything all cleaned up just in time for the "Survivor" finale.

When that show ended at 10:00 PM I turned out the lights and hit the sack. I was beat and had a great night of sleep last night.

Yesterday was indeed a good day, in spite of the weather.

Today we have clear skies and the temperatures will climb back to near 70 degrees. It will be a good day and I just can't wait to see what adventures this day has in store.....

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