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MALE kangaroo on campus

Today classes have finally commenced. I don't actually have class on Mondays, but I did have a meeting for my internship today. The reason I decided to add another entry is because last night on my way back from campus I ran into the weirdest thing. The University of the Sunshine Coast is located adjacent to the Mooloolah River National Park and has a population of about 50 eastern grey kangaroos that travel between the campus and the National Park. On my way back I ran into a kangaroo and was fortunate enough to have my camera with to take a picture. Unfortunately I am still unable to upload pictures with the poor Internet service here, but I am looking forward to sharing my picture with you. When you see the picture I want you to keep in mind that I wasn't using zoom when I took it, I was simply walking down the sidewalk back to my apartment.

On a side note I also wanted to share with you some more hysterical roommate issues. Last Monday I received my third roommate. Her name is Shelly and she is a complete sweetheart. She's 17 and is from Cairns. To my dismay I soon had another stranger sitting on my couch when I came home, only this one would be staying with us for just one week. Her name is Amanda, but she's commonly known as intense. Amanda refused to stay in her original accommodation because she was offended by a poster of a woman in a swimsuit on the wall. Let's just say this past week has been a comical one. I am still convinced that somebody is paying her to watch my every move. She drills everybody with questions and her hobbies include sitting in the dark waiting for people to come home so she can drill them with 21 questions and talk about how emotional she is. This woman cries ALL the time and is 25 years old. At least she makes me feel normal I guess...

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