Derek and Jared's Euro Trip 2004 travel blog

Bonjour! So, after a long plane flight, an even longer time trying to get to hostel, I finally made it. First impression, I love it! Although I was totally overwhelmed first. First, while trying to put a lock on my packback at the airport, my lock breaks right after I lock my back pack, making it impossible to get into my backpack until I get to my hostel. Then, I get totally confused by the metro, and am trying to find a way out of the labryinth. Tired, hot and frustrated, I arrive on time to my hostel. I spent the rest of the day overcoming my fear of the metro, to much success. I also managed to take in th notre dame and the luxembourg gardens, very cool places. The city is absolutely beautiful, and has an awesome aura about it.

So, I am really tempted to make Jared go through the same right of passage that I had to go through. But, seeing how I probably forgot something, and will have to ask him to bring it, probably not the best idea.

That's enough for this installment.


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