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OK, so Puno sucked. Although it's true that every city is amazing and wonderful in its own way (even the ugly ones; it's like what parents tell their kids no matter what), Puno really was really a corner-seated nosepicker. Its saving grace was its placement adjacent to Lake Titicaca, on which we sailed in a motorized boat for one and a half days and one night. Mountains protruded out of the clear and calm and crayon (blue kind) colored water.

We first landed on Los Islas de los Uros- small islands made of reeds containing houses made of reeds, with boats made of reeds floating nearby. The people on the islands even ate parts of the reeds and cooked with them. We stole all their reeds and now there is nothing. Just water.

From Uros we sailed on until we struck land on Amantani. Randomly, local families waited for us with food and places to stay (for all 30 of us). Our family was very nice and gave us foods and beds, just like all the other families. We climbed up onto a mountain where a temple rests and saw the island and the lake in all their respective glories. My, was it a sight and a half. We went to sleep (as usual) and left the next day to Taquile, where we hiked a wee bit and then took the boat back to Puno (spelled NOT A FUN PLACE TO BE). But we did eat Alpaca in Puno. It was decent. Kind of tastes like lamb or beef or any other hairy creature.

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