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Our overnight truckstop in Detroit Lakes

Swans in a pond along the road

Snow geese by the gagles

the rain moved in

Dave couldn't believe- a RR crossing on a 4 lane freeway

Look at the Eagles nest with 2 in it


a nice welcome to Crookston,MN

This is the levy they built to hold back the famous "Red...

It's not so high now

a beautiful old building

a plane landing at Grand Forks Air base-Vern-so you know what it...

Free camping at the fairgrounds-Not in the rain.

my "hero" helped tow us out

The Northern Lights tower-next morning Much better

Rugby Prairie Museum

The Geographical center of North America

Off on our adventure we go, We drove north through Grand Forks,ND where Dave was stationed in the Air Force, and then west to Rugby for our stop. Rugby is the geographical center of North America. Of course it was raining when we got there, just a light rain and so we stopped at the visitors info center because my "free campgrounds of the west" book said they had free camping at the fairgrounds. We got directions and headed off, just go through the gate and pick any spot- they said- WELL we looked but not close enough and decided to park on one of the roads because the freightliner doesn't like wet grass, It didn't like the greasy stuff mixed in te gravel road either. I was not wanting to call or road service because we were techinally not on a road so Dave called back the info center and we checked the brochures from there and found a tow truck and he came right out. Just like when we were in Arkansas all we needed was something to pull a little and up and out we came and back to tar roads- Some things we just can't do with the big truck & trailer, luckily there was a truck stop and they were more than happy to have us fill up and stay overnight. We were still early as we don't travel too far so got the corner spot so had a yard. Rugby has a great Prairie Village museum and an exhibit called the Northern Lights tower- This is a monument of multi-colored 88' towers that when lit up look like the northern lights. They weren't lit yet, I guess we came north too early as some of the info centers aren't open yet but we wanted to get to Alaska for June fishing and we are still finding places to see and things to do.

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