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What a cute planter

The Cabin's

What a cute sign. I hope you can read it

We found this Morning Dove nesting in a shed

This is what you see from I-75

The Story

Old Joe Clark performed at the Barn Dance for over 51 years

One of the shops in and old grist mill

What/where is Renfro Valley? For years people have traveled I-75 and saw the signs for Renfro Valley….. It’s hard to miss the ones on top of the big barn and if you look down the valley, you will see a little village that is actually in Mt Vernon, Kentucky…. Renfro Valley is Kentucky’s Music Capital and since 1939 many famous people in the country music field got their start by playing in the Old Barn… They still perform year round and this time instead of driving by, we decided to stay for the weekend…. We didn’t get a chance to see much the first day because it rained all day and evening but the rain has stopped and the puddles are drying up…..Besides having the village and museum buildings, there is a very large campground right on the premises….Our site is quite large in a nice grassy area…. We are not at all crowded together like some parks and as soon as it dries up a little more, we will be very comfortable here…. The price isn’t bad either… We pay $29.00 a night for full hookup but they honor the Passport America discount on Sun, Mon and Tue… That means that Sunday we will only pay ½ price for one day at least…. Everything helps with the cost of diesel today..

Today we just visited the village shops and went through the Bitter Sweet Cabin Museum.

Log cabins have been in use since 1638 by the Swedes and Finns where they first built here in America in the lower Delaware Valley…. As the frontier advanced southward and westward, the log cabin became the perfect structure for the settlers… Logs for the cabins, barns and other buildings could be hewn from trees, leaving the land clear for crops…. By using wood pins, a cabin could actually be built without a single nail…. An able woodsman could build a simple cabin with just an axe, though the use of saws, adage, augers and other tools made for a neater looking cabin…

We saw several of these cabins today and recognized the different types of notches used in building them, such as the V, the half-lap and the dovetail….Somehow, I feel we have lost a lot with all of our modern housing today and the large families where everyone had their chores,,, I am so glad that some people are preserving some parts of the past for our grandchildren to see with their own eyes…

We finished our day off by going to the 7:00 pm show in the Old Barn . There is a new bigger barn for when big entertainers come here but this weekend is the local bands only… The show was wonderful…. We enjoyed it as much if not more than a lot of the “big time“ performances… We are looking so forward to the Saturday night shows starting with the Barn Dance at 7:00... We will try to make the Blue Grass Show this afternoon too is we are here…. You know us, we like to ride around the country side and snoop out what there is in the other little towns around here so come back later and find out how out day goes..

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