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We spent the entire day Wednesday at the Campground… What a nice relaxing day we had…. I got a few loads of laundry done and even had time to read my book…

About 4:00 we had our neighbors over for happy hour…. Joe and Marcia from the full timing class of 2007 came over and we sat around talking about all the fun things we have done since going full time… They had planned on going to the hospital to visit Joe’s brother but later on they found out their Niece was there with him so they had the whole evening to themselves…. They invited us over to there place to play Mexican Train…They also showed us how to make Margaritas in their new Margarita maker….. Now that was something we had never seen before and was it ever slick… You just put all the ingredients in along with some ice and turn it on…. It is sorta like a mercerator except you are grinding up a nice batch of margaritas instead of dumping your black tank….We had a great time and I know that if we hadn’t had to quit MT because it was dark out I would have come back from behind to win the game… Oh well, we’ll catch ya next time… Thanks guys… You were great.

We left Raccoon Valley about 10:00 this morning and continued up I-75 through the mountains of Tennessee and in to the rolling hills of Kentucky…. We stopped once at the rest area/visitors information center and got our maps of Kentucky… At the town of Corbin at exit 29 is the home of Col.Sanders and his original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and museum… It was getting close to lunch time so guess where we went for lunch….. We have not had a lot of KFC lately because so many times it has been under cooked and tough…. Today it was wonderful… Just like the old days…

It started raining when we left Corbin and by the time we got to Renfro Valley it was coming down pretty hard… We checked in and pulled into our site and proceeded to take a nap before setting up our house…. It’s a tough life but we love it….

We plan on staying in this area for the next four days so I’ll tell you all about it later….Time for another nap…..

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