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Yesterday we awoke to another cool, cloudy day with some light rain in the morning. By mid afternoon the temperatures had warmed up some and we had a couple of windows open.

After our morning coffee, Marilyn & I both went into town. Marilyn paid a visit to our favorite place, Wal-Mart, while I drove the truck to the barber shop. The truck doesn't get driven much since we have the van to run around in. Our van gets 22 mpg while the truck gets only 14 around town. To show you how little we drive the truck, the last time I filled the truck with fuel, it cost $3.07 per gallon. The price today is $4.09.

Marilyn & I both have a bad case of hitch itch. Both of us are anxious to get back on the road. It is nice here in Hannibal, we are in a beautiful campground, and it is nice to see Jennifer and Colby as often as we do, but the Rocky Mountains are calling us. We are ready for some new adventures, to hike in the mountains, to awaken to clear mountain air, and to have our coffee while looking at the mountains and the pine trees.

We are also looking forward to seeing some old friends as well as some new friends in Branson, as we wend our way toward Colorado Springs.

We enjoy looking at new scenery, and the feeling of total freedom we experience when we are on the road.

With my cowboy boots and old battered straw hat on my head, my trusty companion by my side, Willy Nelson singing "On the road again" on our sound system, and the open road in front of us, we are happy and content.

Once we are parked somewhere new, we love sitting outdoors in our lounge chairs and meeting the people who walk by and say hello.

We have things to get done before we leave here. We need to purchase a 50' cable to connect our satellite dish to the receiver, and we need to put some things into storage at the farm.

We will miss the people here in Hannibal. We have many good friends here as well as relatives who live within an hour or so driving time. I know that we will look forward to getting back into this area in the fall, but for now, we are feeling the call of the open road.

Our friends, Gordon & Juanita, are on their way to Alaska, Gilbert & Louise are near to crossing the border into Canada, other friends are scattered all across the country, and we know that we will be seeing them around Dec 1st when we arrive in the Rio Grande valley.

We can hardly wait! Oh the joy of anticipation!

Well, dear readers, I have rambled on long enough this morning. I need to get going. Yesterday was a good day and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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