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Land's End with parasailers

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Land's End from the beach

Cabo San Lucas seems like a different town depending on whether the cruise ships are anchored in the bay. When they arrive, the bay buzzes with parasailers, jet skiers, and sport fishing boats. Down town the store owners and street vendors have big smiles on their faces as the tourists with cameras slung around their necks arrive at the tender dock. The time share salesmen shout out well honed pick up lines as the gringos pass by. Since we have a choice, it is easy for us to look out the window to see if the flotilla has arrived and wander the streets pretty much alone. It is May and the snow birds and spring breakers are long gone. Families, both local and gringo, won't arrive until it's school holiday time. But quite frankly, it can get too quiet here this time of year and we've roused some store proprietors from their siestas when the cruisers aren't here. We don't like to eat in a restaurant where we are the only customers. It makes us wonder if everyone knows something that we don't.

So, we'll enjoy dinner on our balcony after we have figured out how to buy something that we know how to prepare with the minimal utensils in the condo kitchen. When it comes to grocery shopping, there are two choices. Mini supers are everywhere. This oxymoron is a grocery store about the size of a bathroom. In larger towns like Cabo Texas sized grocery stores are common. We wander the aisles, trying to read the signs and labels and locate products organized with an unfamiliar scheme. Many fruits and vegetables are new to us and even things that look familiar can surprise. The bananas change from unripe to banana bread quality within a day. At the Super Walmart all the coffee was sold in bean form. But when we used the grinder, half the grounds poured down our hands rather than into the bag. The C lite, a Mexican version of Crystal Light, comes in so many interesting flavors that I'll be looking for some prime real estate in my suitcase to bring a bunch home.

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