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Music played on arrival



Steve and I

These last few days have been jam packed with orientation activities. Every single day this week there was at least one BBQ a day. We also had orientation sessions we were supposed to go to, but they didn't exactly appeal to us as being helpful and we repeatedly found ourselves finding more amusing things to do.

Friday night all of the International Students had a Welcome Dinner at UnderWater World. I would estimate that there are about 200 of us. At arrival we strolled through a transparent tunnel where we were able to view the sharks and such. Following the viewing we settled down in the 'Living Ocean' where we enjoyed a nice meal. I was in awe this whole evening. I am so excited and honoured to be able to complete my internship practicum there!

Early the next morning the same bunch of students boarded busses and headed to the Australia Zoo (, home of TV's crocodile hunters Steve and Terri Irwin. Unfortunately I was unable to meet them, but I was lucky enough to get a picture with the cardboard version of Steve. Upon arrival to the zoo we were met by this man who played the most amazing music. Soon afterwards we were in the Crocoseum where we just sat there and watched demonstrations put on with tigers, birds, snakes, and crocodiles. After the demonstrations there wasn't much time, so we went to visit the kangaroos and it was about time to board the bus again to head home. Kristine and I decided that we must go back some time before we leave.

Today all I've done is gone to the grocery store and wander campus in search of a computer. Its no lie when people call this university state-of-the-art because I had to use my student ID card 3 times in order to make it into a computer. It kind of makes a person feel important. I suppose, I'm off to the pool.

Pictures are well on their way. I am only allowed 60MB of internet use a month on my computer in my room, so I'm not able to post pictures at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for some pictures of future co-workers, the musician at the Australia Zoo, and much more.

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