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The Ambassador after the dish was installed.

The roadside with the two slides out.

The curbside with the two slides out.

The inside looking towards the back... just don't look at the mess.

We haven't been anywhere near an internet connection for the last couple of weeks. We have been running around to different places since we have set foot in Canada on April 15 and we hope to settle down for a bit soon. It all started when we crossed the border at Sarnia, Ontario and Lise said "why don't we go to Sicard Holiday Campers just to have a look - we will never be this close to them again". You already know that we ended up buying a "new to us" motorhome. In the meantime, we also had to make a stop in Lindsay (northwest of Toronto) to have our satellite system looked at as it was no longer working. So on Thursday April 17, we headed for Lindsay for our Friday appointment thinking it would be just a two-hour job at the most for some minor adjustments. By 3:00 pm they still hadn't found what our problem was but we had to get back to Ottawa for Lise's Mom's 80th birthday party the next day, so we left. We were due to pick up our new motorhome on the next Tuesday so made arrangements to go back to Lindsay on the Monday before to get our satellite dish fixed. So Sunday back to Lindsay we went. We finally got our satellite system working BUT we were getting another motorhome... now we needed to have the dish reinstalled on the Ambassador (our new motorhome). Our tech had a busy week ahead and could only get us in the next Tuesday. That meant we had to hang around for a whole week but we had no choice. Monday evening we headed to Fifty Point Campground just outside of Grimsby as the next day we were picking up our motorhome at Sicard in Smithville, a few miles away. We spent all day Tuesday getting stuff fixed on the motorhome and transferring the contents from the Hurricane to the Ambassador. We ended up staying at Sicards (they have electrical and water hookups in their yard for customers) until Friday. We went back to Fifty Point Campground to spend the weekend. It's a very nice campground on Lake Ontario. Monday morning we headed to Guelph for our reinstall of the satellite dish. We spent Monday night in the Walmart parking lot and spent the whole of Tuesday in the tech's own driveway while he reinstalled the dish. We stayed overnight in his driveway and Wednesday morning, we were finally able to head back to Ottawa. To say the least, it has been a hectic couple of weeks. So now our rig is at Recreationland in Cumberland while we are looking after our grandson Liam for five days. We are having a great time with him. Our daughter and son-in-law are on a well-deserved holiday in Vegas.

So this brings us up to date and with our satellite system now working, we hope to start blogging more frequently again.

We've attached a couple of pictures of the new motorhome. We are very happy with it.

We are heading back home to New Brunswick on Thursday until our house is sold. That should be very soon we hope!

Our apologies to anyone who might have emailed us since mid-April. If we never responded to your email, now you know why.

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