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Yesterday was yet another wonderful day here in Hannibal. We had sunshine and temperatures reaching into the high 70's. It was nice all day. Unfortunately I am suffering from an inflamed throat. It is full and I can not speak above a low conversation level. That keeps me from giving tours and yesterday was a huge day here at the cave.

I felt guilty, even though there was absolutely nothing I could do to help. The parking lot was full all day. One group which came through was from Quincy, Il and one of the adults in that group was an old friend, Paul, who used to fly with us when we needed an extra pilot.

Paul is an excellent pilot and an enjoyable person to have around. He always has stories to entertain you with, and has an infectious laugh.

Paul and his son, David, stayed for several hours, visiting with me. When I first saw Paul and his son come to our door, I told him that I could hardly speak. He laughed and said that it was ok, he could carry the conversation. :)

Marilyn drove out to the farm to visit with Jennifer and Colby. She returned in time to share a small dinner with me. We then watched "American Idol" and turned over to watch the Cardinals ball game. Cardinals won again! Great!

Well, I am feeling somewhat better today but still cannot speak much. No tours for me today. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow and able to help out around here.

Saturday is Colby's baptism and I must be well for that.

It rained a bit during the night but the sun is shining this morning. It was a good day yesterday and today will be another super day. You know me. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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