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Today Paul and I stepped into a part of American history that goes further back (1700's and 1600's) than the Civil War period! and How we enjoyed it...people in costumes and characters from Revolutionary times...met two members of the House of Burgess who took a great dislike to Patrick Henry's radical ideas following the Boston "tea" party Virginians of the time called many British loyalists of genteel and hybrid upbringing...seeing their perspective was enlightening! HOWEVER, I am glad they were persuaded in the end to seek independence from England and benefit us in the here and now!! The buildings, little playlets, the flower-filled grounds..were all so wonderful for us..Paul's feet gave out after a valint three hours of walking. We shall return tmorrow for more in the a.m. before it hits the 80's (temps, that is)..we took a driving adventure (getting lost..that is what we now call " we did in Japan)..on a "byway" thru farmland to see Cold Harbor battlefield and came upon a grand and gracious plantation...Shirley can tour the Queen Anne style "great" was just one of those "serendipitous" stops we had NOT planned...but the history of this Hill-Carter family was grand..they have owned the house since 1636 when they came from England and many interesting stories were shared as we toured the house and grounds. The Carter women, during the Civil War cared for Union soldiers who were staying on their land (1500 Acres of tobacco, cotton, and grain fields) and for their compassion and kindness to the Union soldiers they received a "Letter of Safeguard" which meant that their land, their belongings, were NOT to be harmed during the war in return for their deeds of charity to the stories need to be told and I am glad I heard them...we spent the drive home contemplating what about our trip we like hard to say..Paul asked me IF I could fly, stay in a hotel, rent a fancy car and not worry about money or time..where WOULD I like to go back and stay longer??? a very hard question...we BOTH so loved Cape Hatteras and the beach..even tho we are NOT surfers, swimmers or fishing people..just the ocean (WARM) and the sea was such a tonic for us..we miss water in Spokane area, even though there are many lakes, but the surge of surf and soft sand appeal to us both...but we shall confess that like the girl in Oklahoma who said "when I am with the boy that I love, I love the boy that I am with." we would say the same..we have almost all of America so far and find people and places just fascinating, friendly and fun to in America offers so much beauty and richness...we have loved this trip and even look forward to more of to all (:thanks Shirley for tips on Virginia..we TOO have loved being here) more of Yorktown, Jamestown, and otehr sights tomorrow....writing this while doing laundry and watching kids (who are HOMESCHOOLED) from Minnesota swim in the heated pool at the RV Park..such a wonderful & fran

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