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Kelly's headstone

Colby "I got one!"

Yesterday we awoke to another beautiful day with warm temperatures and sunshine filled skies. Marilyn & I had our morning coffee and then drove to the hospital to meet Jennifer and Colby. It was the day when Colby was getting three shots and a regular check on his health.

I began to feel bad while waiting at the clinic. I awoke early as you read in yesterdays journal entry, and had a sore throat. I took several pills but the effect was that I now had no energy and could hardly stay awake. Once we were finished at the clinic, I drove back to the campground and went to bed while Jennifer, Colby and Marilyn drove to Monroe City to put flowers on the graves of Kelly, my mom and my dad.

They didn't return until late in the afternoon, but Jennifer had taken a few pictures to show me.

All in all, yesterday was a real bummer of a day for me. Marilyn & I ate very little for dinner last night and I went to bed right after 8:00 PM. I slept until a bit after 7:00 this morning and feel somewhat better. I took a Z-pack this morning and have hopes of being better by tonight. I intend to just take it easy today.

One thing I did accomplish yesterday was to contact "mytripjournal" and get things straightened out with my web site. All is well now but I ask any of you who have a problem to let me know.

I need to fill the van with gasoline this morning because Marilyn is going out to the farm to visit with Jen & Colby. I should have done that yesterday but didn't have the energy and the will power to stop on the way home from the clinic, to do that. I suppose the price will be up this morning. :)

Colby's baptism is scheduled for this next Saturday at 1:00 PM. Marilyn & I are Godparents along with Cathy Jo and David. Cathy Jo has been like a sister to Jennifer since they were little kids and has had Jennifer as a Godmother to her two children, Conner and Taylor.

Well, dear readers, I find myself just rambling this morning. I will wrap this up and look forward to more exciting stuff to write about tomorrow.

I do want to take a moment to say "Thank You" to those of you who wrote a message or sent an e-mail to us yesterday. It means a lot to us.

Also I will post a couple of pictures this morning. One of Kelly, but it is a picture of a picture so it isn't as clear as I would like.

In any case, I hope all of you have a wonderful day today. As for me, well you know that I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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