Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

They're just too fast - couldn't get a decent picture!! =(

Perspective shot - Snorkelers and the Dolphins just behind em.



Raaa - the 'money' shot! ;o)

...err - and another one! ;o)

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Dolphins from the boat...

(MP4 - 699 K)

Dolphins from underwater...

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! Bloody brilliant! Got up at HALF FOUR to go to the office to sign in and then all got ready in our wetsuits etc and made our way down to the dock.

Had a 20 minute boat ride out until we saw a few Dolphins but the skipper sailed straight past assuring us there'd be a bigger 'pod' further along. Anyway, about 5 minutes later, sure enough, we came across a pod of around 4-5 HUNDRED dolphins! We all got in the water quick and stuck our masks underwater and it was like Dolphin soup! They came up really close and were rocketing around, sooo fast - couldn't get a decent picture so all I could do was get a video. All you can hear is the clicking they make everywhere.

One spooky bit was when I looked up and realised I'd strayed about 30 metres from the boat and everyone else were about 10 metres THE OTHER SIDE of the boat! EEK! Felt like easy pickings for Mr 'Great White' (Its really deep, it's about 3 metres visibility + its seal territory!) so promptly put feet into 'Kick like fu*k' mode! A couple of minutes later arrived by the boat with the biggest oxygen debt ever but still lookin cool! ;o) Ahem!

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