Biltmore House, 1895, 8000 acres, 4+ acres under the roof, 250+ rooms,...

The entrance gate to the yard, property entrace was 4 miles ago!


Gives you an idea how big thefountains are, there are 6 of...

with no zoom you get the idea of the size and magnificense...

After touring the house went to lunch about 3 miles away, took...

Waterfall from the previously pictured lake.

Yes, we're still on the property.

This the Deer Park, where we had lunch.

After lunch we went to the gardens next to the house. 65...

This walkway separates the two garden plots, but this isn't all there...

View from the opposite direction across one of the plots.

Trained against a wall and trimmed to perfection.

These roses will look terrific in a few weeks.

The center piece for each side of the plot, beautiful






















George Washington Vanderbilt took 6 years to build this magnificent home and property during the 1895-1901 time period. We thought the house was super, yes 250+ rooms is abit much but so tastefully decorated. There are other magnificent homes around the country like the Hearst Castle are gaudy, ostentatious but this one is comfortable. The property was originally more than 130,000 acres. 122,000 acres were given to congress to create a national park. Currently the property is 8,000 acres.

First, we went to the house for the tour, for which we paid alittle extra for a audio tour, well worth it. The tour took alittle more than 2 1/2 hours.

Second, we went to lunch at the Deer Park center for a buffet lunch. It was terrific and the service was premium. Reno and Las Vegas buffets could learn alot from these people.

Thirdly, we went back to the house for a stroll through the gardens and conservatory. We spent several hours here and didn't even get to the other 2 gardens. The main garden and conservatory was more than plenty.

So here's the pics, however you'll notice there aren't any comments on the pics for the flowers. We let the flowers speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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