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Yesterday was a cool, cloudy day in the morning and became a sunny cool day in the afternoon. We had our morning coffee while looking at a map of Oregon to see where two of our friends are at this time. Gordon & Juanita are on the coast near Coos Bay while Gilbert & Louise are inland near Medford, Oregon. These two couples met each other in the Rio Grande Valley and will be within yards of each other during the winter. It seems so funny that they are so far away from home yet within an easy drive of one another, while being unaware that the other couple is in the area.

Marilyn had laundry to do so she got busy sorting clothing, etc and I updated my journal entry and wrote an e-mail to mytripjournal about the problems we have had recently.

I am thinking about using a different service but have no idea which would be a more attractive solution. Also we have normally between 200 and 300 readers each day and I am not sure what the impact would be to them if I changed from mytripjournal.

After a quick breakfast I cleaned up and walked over to the gift shop. They were happy to see me and asked if I would be willing to give a tour of Cameron Cave at 11:00 AM.

I agreed to do that, so I returned to the RV and changed into my "Guide suit".

We began the tour with 17 people but one dropped out because of claustraphobia. I wanted to make sure he got his money back after the tour was over. He returned to the ticket counter and carried two lanterns with him, saving me the trouble. He was a nice guy.

We also had a young boy of about five years of age who was afraid of the bats and in the end he mentioned to me that when he grows up he would like to be a guide in Cameron Cave. That was nice!

I returned to the RV once the tour was over, changed into "civvies" and ate some lunch with Marilyn. We then decided to go for a walk around the campground.

By this time the sun was shining and we enjoyed a nice walk, looking at the different RVs. We have everything from a super delux motor-home costing hundreds of thousands to a small 30 year old trailer with a broken window, probably worth one hundred dollars, being pulled by an equally old dump truck. Whatever it takes to enjoy the freedom of this lifestyle, I say!

Marilyn & I ate pasta and garlic bread for dinner last night. We watched an older movie on TV and went to bed shortly after I talked to my sister, Pat, on the phone. I hadn't talked with Pat & Steve for awhile and was missing them, so I called them hoping it wasn't too late on the east coast. We had a nice conversation and it was good to hear her voice again.

It was a good day yesterday and we look forward to whatever adventures this day has to offer.....

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