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Colorful old town Tuscon

A house in old town

Before breakfast I use one of the phones available for an internet connection to post my column. The slow connection doesn't allow me to post my picture.

My water was leaking last night. It is very difficult to get it tight enough so it doesn't leak.

I drive into Tucson, park and walk into the historical center, stopping at the Visitor Center—it is busy, as are all of them in Arizona. I have to park in two-hour parking because Rhonda is too tall for the parking garage. I want to take the walking tour, and I am also hungry, but don't think I can do the tour and have lunch in two hours. I end up going back, putting more money in the meter and then deciding not to worry about it.

I'll post a picture of this section of downtown. The buildings are painted very bright colors, so it gives the area a real vibrancy. It reminds me of a neighborhood I visited in Vienna where the buildings were brightly colored. Can't remember the name of that neighborhood.

Nearby, at the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block, I have lunch, and then begin wandering through it. It is actually partially made from five of the oldest houses in the area, and has a great variety of art, from pre-Columbian (dating 200BC to 300 AD) to Spanish Colonial, and Western Art. One display is of masks, something I particularly enjoy (now, I think of Venice), and Mexican art from today. Very pleasurable journey.

I complete most of the walking tour, aware that the time on my meter would have run out by now, so return before pushing my luck too far. No ticket. I put in a few more coins and walk over to Saint Augustine Cathedral. Walking down the aisle, I turn around to see a beautiful stained glass window at the back.

Back to the RV park, which truly sets in the middle of no where, out for a walk, scooting into the desert for awhile, but so many paths, I soon turn around and walk up and down all the streets of the park.

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