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We have been having technical problems with mytripjournal for awhile and today I was unable to even log on to my own blog. That means that I am typing this journal entry in MS word in hopes that the problem will soon be fixed and I can post this entry in mytripjournal where it belongs.

I have sent an e-mail to support@mytripjournal.com

That is who we need to contact when we have a problem. Of course, they are based in Vancouver so there is a time lag of several hours.

In any case, I will begin my journal entry in spite of the high frustration level.

Yesterday we were awake early because of the thunderstorms and heavy rain in this area. The rain did stop around noon and the sun came out giving us a beautiful day for the afternoon.

I had been asked to help out with cave tours and was needed at 8:00 AM. Normally the Cave isn’t open for tours until after 9:00 but yesterday was an exception.

School busses and tour busses began arriving right at 8:00 and we were extremely busy for the remainder of the day.

I began with a tour of Mark Twain Cave, leading 21 kids and adults through the cave.

When I came out I had just enough time to get the lanterns ready for a tour of Cameron Cave. This tour had 21 young girls and a few adults. The rain had stopped so the ¼ mile walk each direction going to the Cave and back was enjoyable. The entire group had a great time and enjoyed the tour.

Once back at the gift shop, I put the lanterns away and immediately stepped in to give a tour of Mark Twain Cave to a group of 37 which is far more than we like to take. Normally a group of this size would be split into two tours but we were short of guides so away we went.

As soon as I came out of the cave I was told that my next tour group was in the theater waiting for me. This group had 31 people. Still too many but that seemed to be the order of the day. We were off!.

I must say that all of the young people on every tour were well behaved and that made it much easier to have large groups.

All in all, I gave four or five tours of Mark Twain Cave and one tour of Cameron Cave yesterday. That is the hardest I have worked since retirement. 

Marilyn had cleaned the RV and waited for Colby to arrive. She baby sat with Colby while Steve and Jen were out and about, grocery shopping, etc.

Colby was asleep when I got home so I watched him sleep for awhile, but he was still sleeping when Steve and Jen arrived to pick him up.

Once the kids were headed home, I began fixing some scallops for dinner while Marilyn fixed a great salad.

I pan fried the scallops in butter and garlic with just a little salt & pepper for seasoning. That is the first time I have cooked scallops and they turned out great!

Next time I’ll try cooking them on the grill.

We watched some TV and worked some puzzles until bed time. Marilyn went to bed to read while I stayed up to watch the Cardinals and Cubs battle it out. Cardinals won 5-3 in 11 innings.

It was cool last night so we had the windows closed and it is raining again this morning. In spite of all that, we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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