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Isla Spirit Santo was almost gobbled up by real estate developers. This rock has lots of sand lined coves and a bit of fresh water, so it seemed like a good spot for condo development. Locals protested to the government and it was purchased and designated a national park. Because it is not far from La Paz, it is a favorite for kayak trekking. Support boats carry the kayaks, food and tents and the paddlers can simply enjoy the scenery.

This was a photographer’s ideal spot. The red rocks were eroded into fanciful shapes and provided a goregous contrast to the blue water. The hikers among us also had a great morning here. We were surprised to find a fresh water well, but the guidebook warned not to drink from it. The fresh water created an oasis of green amidst the desert environment that we have grown accustomed to.

When we sailed on to our next anchorage we were invaded by bees. Who would have guessed that these insects would be hanging around here in the desert. Probably some blossoms were in need of fertilization back in February, but that leaves a lot of the year without nectar. While these bees were not interested in stinging us and tended to hang around the water faucet and puddles in the sink, we couldn’t envision spending the evening with one hundred bees and moved on to the next cove.

When we got on board the Gato de Cortez about a week ago Ken had a cough. This developed into a bellowing, whooping and wheezing that has inconvenienced him greatly, especially when he tries to sleep. Since our cabin is about the size of two coffins, his discomfort became mine. We haven’t had a good night’s sleep since we got on board and in the last 24 hours all eight of us have developed some version of Ken’s disease. It was inevitable. We are all living so close to one another. We bought extra kleenex, but it may be a precious commodity by the time we disembark.

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