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cactus forest


Is that a road back there?

Is that the general store?


the village

turkey vulture

we're not alone here

When we motored north, the wind was blowing from the north and we hardly sailed at all. Now that we have turned south, we put the sails up, but ended up making little progress. There were more swells today and the journey to the anchorage for the night took longer than I expected. So most of the day we were back to motoring. How nice to have the choice. One thinks of Christopher Columbus and other long ago sailors who had to wait for the wind and had no inkling where they were going. We hug the shore, but still consult the GPS regularly, as well as the charts to avoid hitting something in the shallows. When you’re one hundred yards from shore, it all starts looking mighty similar.

When we arrived at Caleta San Evaristo, once again there were other boats already here including two others rented from the Moorings. The town was not much - a few shacks for the fishermen and a dirt road winding up the hills that may have lead to more civilization. The fishermen were cleaning the catch of the day and were surrounded by hungry gulls and pelicans. Turkey vultures soaring overhead were waiting for their turn.

We could have bought another fresh fish here, but after having completed half the trip, we realize we brought much too much food and water so we headed back to the catamaran to eat what we had already provisioned. It will be ironic if we spend the last day hauling foodstuffs off the boat and stuffing it back into the motor homes.

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