Dialogue of Civilizations trip to Egypt and United Arab Emirates 2008! travel blog

Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx!


Today was the day of sand, pyramids, and camels. One thing i was surprised about was the immense amount of trash openly left throughout the desert. It makes me think that there is no policy on littering, which makes me wonder what their policies are then. And on our bus ride to the pyramids I realized like 80% of all buildings were not fully built. they all looked like the builders just picked up and left one day. Construction always looks in process. Nothing looks complete. With their lack of upkeep on urban infrastructure you really see that In America when people do complain about our dollars not being spent on upkeep of roads/bridges that need it, you go to a place like Cairo and you really see the difference of how a fascist government spends the society's treasury.

When we went to ride the camels we were surprised to see that they were branded. and the horses had open wounds. My camels name was "Mazoowy" apparently. One of the kid's camels coughed up his stomach along the way; i thought they only spit! it was quite the sight, but too quick to snap a shot for it.

The pyramids were amazing. We saw Three of the kings and then the two smaller ones were for the servants. the tallest one, called I think for Kyops(?) took 30 years to build, was 142 meters tall, and took at least 100,000 people to build. apparently the oldest pyramids are in Saqqara. But here these three were each made of a different material; one of granite, one of marbel and one of limestone. And supposedly they would get these materials from accross the Nile river in Aswan!Then we went and visited the Sphinx. it was surreal.

On our way home we witnessed the "call of prayer." we came around a bend in the road and there were literally 50 ppl all bowed down and praying IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! and the whole city began to make this "AHHMMMMM" noise. It was amazing.

After we went to this Papyrus museum and watched a man teach us how the ancient egyptians used papyrus plant to make paper.

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