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For two whole days we traveled in this rain weather with just...

These were the best of times, when it was bad then I...

This is May 1/08 and I just said "Oh, No!" This is...

Then I walked behind the truck for a better view of Jay...

And this is the reason ....SNOW and COLD.

This is HeyU's method of seeing outside. It's called 'Lick and Look'

I'm so sorry PEI!

We obviously brought this weather along with us. All indications were that PEI was in the beginnings of spring. All the sights along the highway home were telling us that 'All is well'. But this is what we do to our friends and loved ones who we have missed so much. Bring them WINTER. God has said to Rita, Tom ........and HeyU, "This is what it's like. I gave you the most wonderful winter that you've ever had, given you the most wonderful new friends from all over. This IS what it's like , and don't you forget it!"

Yes, my friends, we are home but not home. Because of the rain and todays snowfall we cannot get to our home in Clinton because the road is just to muddy. We are temporarily staying parked in our children's driveway. That's kind of nice because Alycia (one of our granddaughters)was visiting with us all evening and we were singing all sorts of songs from the website I gave you so many Updates ago. Jocelyn had time to welcome us home and then rushed off to join her fellow school band friends as they traveled to Halifax to give a performance and will be back Friday evening.

Today was Rita's Birthday so we celebrated it firstly by having coffee with Dick and Sally Rankin, who we missed so much at 'Tim Hortons'. The piece of Canada we missed so much. 8^).

After using up almost the whole morning we went to our favorite little restaurant and had breakfast for lunch. Then we did the most important thing. We went to Clinton to visit my Mom. When we arrived she was having her hair done (I forgot it was Thursday) so we waited in her room and soon we were joined by cousins BO & Enid who came to visit too.

You should have seen the look on Mom's face when she saw Enid & Bo, then realized her long lost children were home too. My goodness I've missed that woman! We had a great visit but when there's more than one couple visiting Mom can't hear what's being said and feels 'left out' so Rita and I shortened our visit to leave Enid & Bo with Mom. (I'll be back, a lot!)

I have to admit at this stage, that, we had to go to 'Wally's World' and buy some more socks because the cupboard is bare. We'll soon be able to get to the washing machine.

After we got back to the RV Rita attempted to cook up a frozen Delicio Pizza to celebrate her birthday ... but the oven wouldn't co-operate! With the trailer filled with smoke and a burned bottom pizza with the center still frozen, we headed for Pizza Delight where the Birthday Girl had her supper for FREE.

I'll try to get some pictures of our home and broken down woodlot a little later. I'd like to formally tell the world how much I appreciate Jay, Kathy, Jocelyn and Alycia for the two weeks they spent clearing the fallen limbs and downfall from our long lane to the house. We really appreciate it and Love you guys.


Tom and Rita......... and HeyU.

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