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Rainforest walk on Frasier Island

Full moon over Lake McKenzie

Having escaped a monumental hangover on the Monday follwing the big night out in Airlie beach, we boarded the over night bus down to Hervey Bay. Another overnight bus journey with another grumpy Greyhound bus driver who subjected us to Steve Irwin "crocodile hunter" DVD and systematically woke everyone up throughout the night to tell them where the toilets where when we stopped at service stations.

Arriving in Hervey bay early next morning we seized the opportunity to make the most of the day by searching our lonely planet guide book for the most interesting thing to do. We ended up going to the supermarket and cinema....there is very little to do.

Up at the crack of dawn the follwing day to venture out on our Fraser Island 2 day trip. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and full of backpackers of all nationalities driving 4 wheel drive trucks, getting stuck in sand dunes or breaking down on the beach. However, having roughed it for so long we(the royal we, Mrs. P.) opted for the more civilised approach, a monster chauffer driven, 4 wheel drive, kick ass truck, and a night in the other half live.

Arriving on Fraser we eventually boarded our truck. The 20 minute delay was a result of the guides taking a register and not accounting for a deaf lady who obviously didn't hear her name being called. Once the mystery of the missing person was solved we roared off over the sand dunes at light speed. First stop was Basin Lake, after a 45 minute trek through the rain forest(more rainforest!!) we made it to this lovely swimming hole. After a quick dip we trekked on for another 45 minutes through MORE rainforest, which in all fairness was pretty spectacular.

Post lunch we arrived at Lake Mackenzie, the jewel of Fraser Island. A Beautiful rainwater lake surrounded by the whitest, finest sand. A picture post card. That is, until we were confronted by a thousand tourists drinking beer and soaking up the scenic surroundings. Fortunately, our guide had told us of a secluded bit of beach about a 10 minute walk from the main beach.

On arrival there was absolutely no one around and before you could marvel at the beauty of it all Mr. P. had stripped stark b****ck naked and made the 50 yard dash to the lake. This was all well and good until some of the others from our tour turned up to enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

Mrs. P. hadn't gone for the skinny dipping option(quite sensibly) and found this all very amusing. Feeling the sun burning down on his back(after 45 minutes of willing these other people to go back to the other beach and pleading for help from his good lady wife)he took the plunge and tried to casually stroll up the beach to get his towel. On leaving the water, the was a squeal of laughter from one of the girls(note to was cold in there) and then thankfully.... he heard her say to her boyfriend I'll take mine off if you take yours off!

Later that night as the drunken festivites took hold we got chatting to one of the couples from the beach, imagine Mr. P's face when the girl said "you will never guess what we saw at Lake Mackenzie today..."

The following day we raced up the beach to take in all the other sites Fraser has to offer, ship wrecks, Indian head, where you can view sharks, rays, shoals of fish, turtles swimming off the headland and also Champagne pools. These are rock pools that bubble and fill with all the white foaming water from the sea as the waves crash in. Although when we turned up they were more like Chardonnay pools as the sea was pants.

Arriving back on the mainland we got upgraded in the hostel to a cabin, more luxury I hear you say before slumming it the next day on the grey hound bus down to Noosa.

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