Sailin' the Sea of Cortez - Spring 2008 travel blog

almost desolate

anchorage from the beach

anchorage panorama


another view

cat at anchorage

great photo perch

enjoying the beach

Ken in charge

morning light

blue sky panorama

Every morning at 8am The Net comes on channel 22 of the marine band. It is an informal collection of gringos living in in La Paz who get together on air to share items of common interest. Some items are routine; the times for high and low tide are always part of the broadcast. New arrivals check in; people about to leave announce their departure and sometimes invite others to hitch a ride. Community events and music performances are also on the agenda. A nice community service.

After getting the morning update, we put the pedal to the metal and headed north into the wind. No sails were used today. Our plan is to head prompty to the farthest point north and then mosey back to La Paz, lingering at interesting points and unfurling our sails to take advantage of the winds. Once the morning mists cleared we were treated to a panorama of red and white rocks, dotted with distant greens. The desert climate limits the plant life and the dry air balances with the evaporating ocean for a comfortable balance. Occasionally we saw a break in the waves which may have been a turtle or ray. We didn’t get close enough to be sure. Late in the day the sea turned to glass. Any concerns I may have had about sea sickness have seemed ridiculous so far.

The anchorage was easy to spot because three other boats were already there and another followed us in. It’s spacious however, and after dark we were hardly aware of one another’s existance. The starry sky dominated the view.

We chose this spot because we heard that Manuel, a local fishermen, is known to visit boats with lobsters to sell. By and large the local fishermen ignore us rather than seeing us as a fountain of pesos, but Manuel has tapped into the gringo trade. So far, no Manuel, but we’re hoping that he will stop by to provide the evening meal for tomorrow.

Because we spent so much of the day traveling, there was little time to walk the beach and pick up shells or snorkle. But we enjoyed the spot til the sun went down and look forward to more such natural wonders on days ahead.

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