Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Me, the Driver and Marc overlooking Kaikoura bay.

Soppy Seal!

La la la la la!

VWOOM! So fast and agile - they also get worryingly close and...

..I know I'm 'down under' but dont take the Mick!

Weid, whe they've got an itch they hang upside down and scratch...

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(MP4 - 1.57 MB)

....more seal...

(MP4 - 1.09 MB)

...Rubber Seal....

(MP4 - 1.09 MB)


WWWWWWWICKID! Basically this was easy peasy - just donned a wetsuit and swam out from the beach to a rock and then 'played' with the seals - bit weird when they growled at you underwater but hey - no bites!

They look so clumsy when they;re on the rock and like a bullet when they're underwater!

They;re faces look well cuto underwater too - big soppy eyes!



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