Voyage of the Wayward Wind 2008 travel blog

Wednesday, April 16 thru Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, the park has fewer human, feline and canine residents every day as the snow birds and their pets depart for regions north and east. The bunny population, however, is exploding! They are everywhere in large numbers and driving our cat, Dipt, bonkers! And if it isn’t the rabbits, it’s the quail who run around in pairs and show no fear of Dipt; in fact, they seem to know just how long his leash is and are thoroughly enjoying taunting him!

Drew & I are still attending breakfast on Sunday mornings with a large group from the park. We also go for dinner with the group on Tuesdays. The Country Club continues to serve tacos & beer on Thursdays and we continue to eat there, but the number of Escapees partaking is dwindling every week. Despite the end of most regularly scheduled activities, we remain busy even if that only means visiting more with our neighbors.

On Friday, the 18th, those of us residing on the two streets forming the north edge of the park held a block party at the picnic area. We all (about 100 of us) played a dice game that was quick, easy and fun, then enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner before someone organized us into two long rows for a water balloon toss. Believe me, senior citizens are not nearly as well behaved as kids would have been!! A week later, we packed the clubhouse for a Margarita Sip-off. Any one so desiring could bring a large container of their favorite margarita recipe (we had 15 participants) for a long line of tasting. Everyone else brought munchies. After tasting an ounce or so of each margarita recipe, everyone voted for their favorite. After all votes were cast and counted, prizes were awarded to the 1st & 2nd place winners. Then, all remaining margaritas were poured together into a large cooler and you could help yourself to as much as you wanted until it was gone. Meanwhile, the mike was opened to anyone who had a joke to tell. It wasn’t long before a roomful of almost inebriated SKPs were rolling on the floor!

This past weekend, a local company, Apache Nitrogen Products, opened their doors to the community, providing tours of their facility. In 1922 their primary focus was the production of nitroglycerine-based explosives for use in the mines of the southwest. Today they produce the ammonium nitrate fuel oil that has replaced dynamite as the major source of explosive energy employed in the mines. Drew had to work, but I enjoyed the tour and learning about the company as well as the safety procedures they employ should an accident occur with the ammonium nitrate.

We are ready for May to arrive. We’ve heard it’s not as windy as it has been in April. We nearly blew away today! As is well known, I don’t like wind AT ALL, so I have stayed inside more than I’d like. Please, Mother Nature, take it away!!!

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