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We are writing this from Myrtle Beach, S.Carolina..BUT we have been to Florida and enjoyed a great visit with Anne Key at her delightfully decorated "historic registered" Southern HOME! Seeing her and spending time touring the town, visiting her church, sharing stories about our trip, hearing about her adventures (a lovely wedding of a freind,s daughter in her garden, which is gorgeous! After Fernandina Beach Fort Clinch RV Park (which was an actual Civil War battlefield and fort), we stayed at a campground ON the ocean with a lake on the other side near a Navy Helicopter Base(Mayport, FL) this is just north of Jacksonville, Florida. We saw the drifting dunes, many pelicans, and the sign said "DO not feed the alligators, raccoons, possums, or cats"..for I asked the ranger..YES they have alligators!!! I saw one in the lake..thought it was a log at fist..until is opened its mouth to catch some bugs or a leaping fish nearby..I was so shocked!! did not have camera...with me..much to my regret! St. Augustine was a two day day for a delicious French/German lunch at a quaint little cottage restaurant and then off to the fort Castillo de SanMarcos which was part of the Revolutionary war and people in costumes were teaching kids how to hold a musket (not a real one) and they shot off the was very impressive! the next day we went back and I got to tour the Basilica and we drove thru the historic Spanish-like buildings....oh forgot to say that we went to Ponce deLeon's sight of the Fountain of Youth and YOU actually can drink the fountain's water..we DID..but it did not affect us yet..we still ache from a romp on the ocean beach where BLUE knocked me down chasing seagulls...I AM okay..but sore. We drove from Savannah (we stayed overnite in a lush setting on the Ogeechkee River in a state RV Park...saw herons, turtles, tons of squirrels and racoons..they tried to eat our water hose..but with Blue around..did not succeed....anway...I digress..we drove to Savannah and saw a real roundhouse railroad museum..just amazing! and then off to tour the gracious wrought iron, balconied buildings (my neck was kinked like a farm kid going to the big city). We ate a snack at a Cupcake Gourmet place..had RED VELVET cupcakes with butter cream frosting..yu.mmmm We watched a huge container ship go down the Savannah river while we ate a picnic lunch in the shade of live oak trees laced with Spanish moss just dancing in a light has been wonderfully mild (60--70 degrees days and 50's at night) We had a mishap on the way to FLorida: a guy in a travel trailer hit the backside of our rig, broke a running light and did some body damage and LEFT HIS name and phone number for us..we were in the Cracker Barrel and so was he and so we exchanged info..and he said he lived in MICH. and would send us a check once we made copies of all the expenses..imagine finding someone who was honest enuf to leave his name? he felt really bad..Paul has already fixed the light part..he is so clever.. Tonight at Myrtle Beach we see very touristey hotels, restaurants, and shops...will spend overnite here since again our step is making the machine-gun noise and we are praying it can be adjusted and fixed under warranty quickly so we can head on to Cape Hatteras, is NOW two months since we left little ole Deer Park..we miss family and friends..but are so glad too for this many wonderful sights of nature...birds, critters, unusual trees, rivers, lakes, the ocean which is sooo warm here...gas is very high ($3.69) and in some places as low as $3.43...but we keep travelling on...this is a once in a lifetime deal for us and we SHALL enjoy it! eating lots of meals in motorhome and still loving "playing house" in my little kitchen! love to all..will catch up when I have internet does not exist in State or City RV to you all (fran & paul)

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